Friday, March 21, 2008

CustomAction and {ListId} token bug : JavaScript to the rescue

This bug is widely blogged. You can checkout entries here

if you define a CustomAction as part of a feature and use tokens in the URL e.g. , the custom action will work fine in a Lists and Document Libraries . However, if you add a web part representing the same List to another page the tokens in the url do not get replaced.


I am a big believer in javascript. So here is the Javascript solution. After inspecting the page, it turns out that SharePoint creates a ctx javascript object for the list. This object contains a property listName, which holds the ListId property

1) If the MenuItem is yours and you have luxary to change the feature XML code, you coul
construct your element something like


2) If you are using third party feature or if you have issue with out of the box menuitems, you can insert the following Javascript, either by adding a "Content Editor WebPart" or by modifying the aspx page

var __menus = document.getElementsByTagName('ie:menuitem');
for (var i = 0; i <>
itm = __menus(i)
var str = itm.getAttribute("onMenuClick");
if (str && ctx && str.match('ListId') != null )
{ str = str.replace("ListId", ctx.listName)
itm.setAttribute('onMenuClick', str);

This code will replace the {ListId} token on all menus items where token is not replaced.

Note : This solution will only work if you have single list on a page. For multiple lists you need to get hold of "ctx" array object in those cases


Madhur said...

This is great .. exactly what I was looking for

Paul said...

Do you have any examples where you can get a hold of the "ctx" array object? What is it called?

Anonymous said...
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Que said...

How to add concatenate "+ctx.ListName" to items on ListActionsToolbar? Here is it's code:

< UrlAction Url="~site/_layouts/AdvancedAlert/AdvancedSubNew.aspx?ListId={ListId}" >

Anonymous said...

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