Thursday, May 17, 2007

Different User profile screens

Recently, I was playing with user profiles in SSP and noticed something very strange. When you edit a profile of an admin user (userprofile automatically added by SharePoint) the screen is slightly different than that of a regular user ( Users you import from LDAP or manually inserted).

In case of an admin user, SharePoint automatically populates the MySite URL and shows browse button to import a picture. In case of a regular user both MySite URL and Picture fields are plain text with no picker control.

Admin User Profile Screen ( http://server/ssp/admin/_layouts/ProfAdminEdit.aspxdmin/_layouts/ProfAdminEdit.aspx)

Regular User

Its a minor difference but I am not able to figure out why?? I like the admin UI. Not sure why SharePoint team decided to implement it differently. I am curious to know, If anyone has any idea, please share with me

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Adarsh Bhat said...

(Users you important from LDAP or manually inserted)

Minor typo there. I guess that should read import.

Appreciate all the great articles on this blog.