Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Proof reading, usability or lack of time ?

I usually stay way from pointing out mistakes but I couldn't resist with this screen. This is in SharePoint 2007, one of the products that brings food on my table :)

So SharePoint 2007 supports multiple operations - Performing action on more than one items with a single button. If you go to "Site Action" | Portal Content and Structure, you will notice that all contents has a checkbox in front of it. You can select more than one content and then pick your action from the toolbar above.

In my test environment, I had few sites, which I created as part of my stress testing and I wanted to get rid of them with a single command, so multiple operation was the perfect action for this kind of stuff. Everthing worked nice and well but the confirmation message screen SharePoint displayed was funny... It appears someone either forget to test this or didnt bother :)

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